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art: kylo-wren

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A troubled cat, Honeysplash is fiery to a fault. Her aggressive approach of life has benefited her, quickly climbing the ranks and becoming a mentor, but it was also her downfall.
Often competitive without truly realizing it, stuck in a loop of proving herself, even to nobody at all.
Despite her hostile front, she's encouraging and notably softer towards the select cats who gain her trust.
Honeysplash's loyalty to her former Clan has stuck with her—in contempt for codebreakers (despite being one herself), and in pride for her Clan itself; their distinct culture and all that they had achieved. She would still fight alongside them if given the chance.
If there's a problem, teeth and claws will solve it faster than words.
Observant and critical; She's one to take note of the smaller details rather than the big picture.
Surprisingly good with kits and younger cats.

(stories are written from a biased perspective)
Honeykit was kitted as RiverClan entered leafbare, alongside her littermates Wolfkit & Dawnkit. "A miracle from StarClan themselves", they'd say, that they had all made it, as Dawnkit was kitted unbreathing.
Their mother Shimmermist was always particularly protective over their weaker sister—this left a sourness within Honeykit, who felt as though her mother's attentive behavior was favoring; Most days were passed between Honeykit, Wolfkit, and their father Mudstream, who spent the time with them between his important duties as deputy of RiverClan.
Soon, the cold winds and frosted ground did more than shorten playtime: her Clanmates found themselves ill with greencough, which spread to Shimmermist and her litter. It was nothing more than an unpleasant period for Honeykit and Wolfkit, but while they recovered, Dawnkit never did.

This sent Shimmermist into a deep depression, isolating herself from her living family, often absent from even her nest. Honeykit struggled to come to terms with these new emotions, not wholly understanding the impact of loss at just three moons old, and interpreted this as self-centered neglect: Shimmermist was mourning her favorite daughter; Shimmermist mourned herself.
The rage of grief boiled beneath her skin hardened into disdain toward her mother, and she in turn distanced herself, drawing closer toward Wolfkit and Mudstream. Though she wouldn't admit this to herself, she was waiting for Shimmermist to make a move toward caring for her kits again.
Shimmermist's periods of absence grew until one day, she didn't return home, not even for her warrior duties. RiverClan's search patrol had led to a patrol sent to inquire about their warrior seeking to join ThunderClan. Whispers rippled through the clan, this being the first time she had heard about Shimmermist's affair with ThunderClan warrior Hickoryblaze, an affair that had occured before she chose Mudstream over him, yet apparently never truly ended. Young Honeykit could've sworn the world collapsed then and there, when she had heard Shimmermist's justification—that RiverClan no longer felt like home.

But time is indiscriminate—it does not stop in the face of grief, and neither could she. And so, just a moon after their mother's betrayal, Honeypaw and Wolfpaw were apprenticed to Wavestrike and Cherryhaze, respectively.
Apprenticeship under Wavestrike pulled her from sorrow; it brought excitement to her life. He was one of the few cats who let the fire inside her prosper; who let her direct it toward better causes rather than smothering it altogether. He taught her the pride in being a RiverClan warrior—in following the warrior code to your last breath.
Though Honeypaw had spent the majority of her apprenticeship focused on training, Wolfpaw was always at her side. They knew that even if they had nobody else, they had each other.

At twelve moons, Wavestrike vouched that Honeypaw held the expertise required to become a full-fledged warrior. And Cherryhaze, Wolfpaw. At sunhigh, they would both receive their warrior names—or at least that's how it should have went—Wolfpaw had other plans.
Wolfpaw had not valued himself enough to endure the harsh leafbare and frozen rivers like the rest of them, not even for the reward of becoming a warrior, and betrayed his loyalties—to his clan, to her—for the luxurious lifestyle of a kittypet. Honeypaw couldn't blame their leader for letting him go. What use would such a warrior be?
And so she stood, beneath their leader, and received her warrior name alone. She repressed the thoughts of how her brother should have been alongside her—he rejected this; He rejected his Clan.

She was determined to put her Clan and their needs before her own, to become more than her kin. Her time as a warrior was spent fighting to prove such, eager to volunteer for duties and especially to battle.

Her dedication and skill did not go unnoticed: at just 17 moons she received an apprentice, Cricketpaw. (Surely having a deputy as a father aided her.) The small she-cat was endlessly eager to learn under Honeysplash, passionate to serve her Clan. And Honeysplash was eager to teach; She trained her hard, determined to mold her into a strong, excellent warrior.

But as soon as things took a turn for the better, one mistake sent it all crumbling. One night, one battle.
Honeysplash learned to grin and bare Hickoryblaze's presence at gatherings, to uphold the peace. But that night, a meeting between patrols had become hostile. Through the tangle of claws and teeth and limbs, she met her mother. And despite everything, how she blamed Shimmermist for sending her life tumbling, she couldn't bring herself to unsheathe her claws. And Hickoryblaze made the fatal mistake of jeering about it.
His throat was within her jaws in a heartbeat, and when she pounced on her, it was Shimmermist's. Only in the whirl of Shimmermist's escape that she had noticed the cats around her paralyzing in shock, the blood pooling, Hickoryblaze's still body.

The battle ended there. Honeysplash was escorted to camp, her Clanmates avoiding her as if the blood matting her fur would become blood on their paws. Under the piercing gazes of her Clanmates, of her apprentice, of her father, she was promptly exiled.