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"stitch & scrump"2022-06-16

stitch from lilo and stitch, looking at the viewer with a smile as he clutches scrump


nepeta leijon from homestuck, crouched down with one arm raised, flashing her claws. she Is smiling mischeviously


the windows xp wallpaper, a grassy plain against a bright cloudy sky, but in unnatural neon colors


nyan cat, flying through space


sollux from homestuck, his dream self emerging from his corpse's blood


vic from red vs blue. In temple's computer, he smirks at the viewer with a 'call-me' gesture. his phone number, '555-vick' is displayed


gir from invader zim sitting and guzzling a can of cola, with a second can In his hand and many empties beside him

"Its march"2022-03-07

eridan ampora from homestuck, In his 'march' outfit, riding his seahorse lusus over the ocean. he has a fierce expression


jeff the killer staring at the viewer


will riker from star trek In his angel-one outfit, arms behind his head as he looks at the viewer with a smug expression

"i love my pUter"2022-01-23

calliope from homestuck, at her desk and on her computer. she turns back toward the viewer with a smile. text on the Image reads 'I LOVE MY PUTER, ALL MY FRIENDS ARE INSIDE IT'

"you think that youre space ghost"2021-12-30

pico from pico's school, clutching his gun and looking over his shoulder

"thru stained glass eyes & colorful tears"2021-12-19

jade harley from homestuck. she Is In her prospit gown, floating in space. she Is curled into a ball and crying

"data =]"2021-12-01

data from star trek, half of his face torn to reveal robotics

"RIVERSTAR OUGH"2021-11-23

riverstar from warriors, swimming peacefully In a body of water


mituna captor from homestuck. he wears his bee costume, and Imitates barry b benson by gesturing toward the viewer. text on the Image reads 'YA LIKE JAZZ?'

"pretty gay 2 have an archenemy"2021-11-02

dib and zim from Invader zim. zim Is raising dib In the air by zim's pack leg and kissing him. dib is flustered

"manipulate mansplaim manwhore"2021-10-17

cronus ampora from homestuck, smoking his cigarette with a neutral expression

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